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Important Poll

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I just bought a new house - i have a "man cave" that I have a 42 inch HDTV in. I also have a living room that does not have a big screen in it yet, but will at some point.

So answer the poll and let me know what you think I should do.
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Re: Important Poll (Bender)

A tune is great, but a TV is essential, especially if your a college football fan like myself.
well i have the man cave TV, so this would be a second big screen.
I chose TV over tune because you can get a lot more enjoyment out of a TV over a tune. You can't always be WOT, but you can always watch TV!
Re: (cmurphy2266)

I vote for a tune but im bias http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
How bout a tune and tv's in the headrest
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Re: (Turbos60)

Tune first!!! Like you said, if there is anything on TV you can watch it in you Man Cave. Plus I'm not a fan of a TV in the living room. It will eat up time that you could be using to do something productive, like Swedespeeding!!
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errr .. what is a tune?

do you mean getting your car serviced?
performance tune as in IPD or RICA.

For example:

Tuned car = more fun than watchin' TV

i have a feeling tune prices will be dropping soon. (see iPd thread in R forum)
I don't make it over to this forum to much as I don't do much to our S60, but I have to agree with Impulse, I'd wait on the tune since it looks like pricing might be lowered soon...
But I say move that 42" into the living room and put a real beast in the Man Cave, get a sweet projector. Ebay is your friend, I got a super nice Canon X600 for way cheap, and my every day screen size is 130" and 720p HD quality. Pair it up with a blu-ray player (we use a PS3) and it is AMAZING, basically 1080p quality (I think 1080p isn't that much better than 720p, just marketing crap). I paid less for the projector and screen setup than I did for my 42" LG Plasma with a 160gb DVR built in, and it has just as nice of a picture. My specific projector also has good enough lumen output to be used in our front room with windows open and lights on and still be great quality (obviously the brightness is better in a dimly lit or lights off room). When we play PS3 or the Wii each player has roughly a 60" tv for them
. My eyes get hurt trying to watch tv on a regular sized tv now, lol.
Bulbs can be pricey, but you only replace them every 1.5 yrs or so. Worth every penny, I went from the 42", to a 50", to the projector. And I won't go back to a plasma/lcd unless I move and my place doesn't have a room it would work with. Just trying to pass on a sweet idea that can cost less than a tv and give you a whole lot more enjoyment. Shop around, look into it. The idea of a Man Cave sounds awesome, btw.
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Re: (carreragt7)

I got a 52" Phillips HD Plasma TV for $700 at Wal-Mart brand new. If you hunt around, you can find deals good enough.
Tunes however, are expensive.
Quote »
The idea of a Man Cave sounds awesome, btw.
Ill put up a picture in a few days - hardwood floors - built in hand made bar... its my paradise.

Thanks for the ideas everyone - i am thinking I may do BOTH at approximately the same time. The GF and i will be splitting the cost of the tv so i will have some flexibility, and neither gets more expensive if i wait a few weeks.
Re: Important Poll (Bender)

meanwhile in the real world... It's been a year and the IPD tune still puts a smile on my face when I press the pedal. Go for the tune Bender, you'll never second guess the choice after.
interesting - out of people that have posted (with tunes), 80% are saying get the tune... hmmm
Re: Important Poll (Bender)

TV all the way
I do not say this because I'm 64 either, I've had giant screen TV's since 1974 when they were an VERY expensive novelty ($3000 in 1974 dollars)!
and I was 29 years old.

Do your research, buy the best you can afford, picture quality and dollars go hand in hand, with giant screens you get what you pay for.
A $1200 TV is not nearly as good as a $4000 TV and will disappoint you in the end!

If you only watch Hi Def and DVD most sets will suffice. It's when you watch older standard def. the cheap screens are AWFUL, the up conversion and pull down is almost non existent and generally sucks.
Also pay the money for the TV that offers the best "blacks". Most have come a long way but there still are many that are not so hot and the picture really suffers.
I still have the last and the best CRT (Pro Elite 610) money could buy 5 years ago and the picture quality over the average plasma (not a Kuro) is amazing.
It's natural looking and the picture is as good as the day I bought it.
The only drawback is I need a darker room but my "room" is already a dark room so no problem.
Eventually when I downsize soon, this baby will have to stay as it's way too huge to set up in a smaller place (I was built into an old wall closet) but could never sit out in a smaller room, it would take up 1/4 of the room itself.
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As it has already been said, move the t.v you have now into the living room and get some really nice for the man cave. I've had good experiences with Sharp LCD's in the past, and currently have a 52" in the basement that I'm really happy with. If you decide to go the plasma route, I'd recommend a Pioneer plasma, they are at the top right now. Either way, tune or t,v you will get something that you enjoy.
Re: (miha11)

Here is a pic of my current screen setup, in case you needed any further prodding. 130" diagonal viewing pleasure, fit for a Man Cave.
It is truly hard to get a good picture showing the quality but I have never been left wanting more, and remember I went from an LG 42" 720p to a Pioneer 50" 1080p to my projector. Find a great deal on a projector/plasma/lcd, then get the tune as well.
Problem solved.

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Agreed forget the tiny tv and get a projector its the only way
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