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http://www.bandimere.com/ events/ day_detail.php?dayID=496&dT argetDate=06/01/2012

From the facebook page:

RMVCOA R-group said:
Volvo Guys/Gals - We'll Meet At The Conoco Gas Station At 7:30, then Drive Over and Wait In Line To Get In. I'll Post Up A Tent and Volvo Flag For Our Staging Area. Don't Say You Can't Go Cause You Don't Want To Beat Up Your Volvo, This Is No Different Than Full Acceleration On An On Ramp To The Hwy, Except It's A Lot Funner! Come On, Let's Kick Some Rice!
It's $40 to race or $15 to spectate, and spectators can still park with the racers and hang out. Bring your coolers full of snacks, camping chairs, portable tables and pop up tents/awnings for kicking back and hanging out.

If you drive, the $40 gets you 3 runs minimum. The first two are to dial in your time, the third is your first bracket race. Then you can keep running if you keep winning. If you're not familiar with bracket racing, you're running against your estimated time, not the other car. So they'll race a 15 second car against an 18 second car, and the slower car starts 3 seconds earlier. It's like the price is right - whoever gets closer to their estimated time without going under, wins.

Most of us just run the three times and lose, and the party breaks up shortly after 1:00, but a few who win stick around and keep racing. It's up to you how long to stay but it's a fun silly car chat time. It's also fun to see just which cars are faster than you and which... aren't. It's surprising how many cars are all show with no go.

Also if you miss the 7:30 meet time, come anyway - you can still enter the track and park with us.

Here's a few videos:

Video of our fastest club member who I hope comes to this. He's pushing almost 600HP and down in the 10's now.
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