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This is your opportunity to purchase an absolutely immaculate 1996 N Volvo 850 T5 CD 4 Door Saloon. Without doubt, and in the opinion of almost every Volvo Mechanic who has worked on it "the best example around at the moment"

I am a professional person, with a familly, who has enjoyed driving this fabulaous car, it has never been owned by a boy racer, or thrashed in any way whatsoever!

My T5 is in amazing condition, and I mean amazing!,it has 125k on the clock, and drives and feels like new, it has had 2 owners before myself, the first owner was a 60 yer old company director who lived in scotland, he never had it over 80mph. Now this is where things get interesting, the guy I bought it from lived in a sleepy hollow village in scotland, but!!!!!, his best mate was one of the race engineers for the famous TWR (Tom Walkenshaw Racing) touring car team of the mid to late 90's, you remembeer the ones who won everything in site!. My car has had a very small T Piece fitted to the turbo, and some adjustments made to the wastegate, the engine is immaculate, and sounds like a new engine, apart from anything else, I am pushing out about 280bhp.

To back my story up, I called the engineer to arrange for my car to be looked at by him, I drove to scotland from Newcastle 5 hour round trip, and told him that I wanted some extra oomph!, he set about plugging things into the diagnostic port (underneath the coin holder), and sat there with a laptop, and something that resembled a laptop but wasnt!, 15 minutes later, he said to me "get in" and off we went.....................jesus h christ, never have I been more impressed, my 850 T5 was an absolute flying machine, and I mean quick, he carried out £750 worth of serious tuning for £100!!!!!!

On top of this, this is the work I have had done over the last 4 months;

Brand New Full Clutch Kit (£680 Main Dealer Supplied & Fitted)
New pads and disks + 1 calliper front and rear
2 x new cv boots
Lowered by 35mm (ventura sport springs)
Brand new 17" wolfrace voodoo alloy wheels (6 weeks old £650)
Brand new falken ZE502 tyres (205/45/ZR17) X4
New allarm fob
Turbo, stripped, cleaned etc etc.
Mobil one oil changes every 5k.

As I said my car has 125k on the clock, and is the very best example around. It is that amazing metalic blue colour, and looks exactly like an unmarked police car. It has one or two stone chips on the bonnet, but nothing at all to worry about!
It obviously has a full volvo service history, with all other work, wheels, turbo etc being carried out by main dealer.
It has, air con, full climate control, electric sun roof, wood interior, traction, cruise control, heated seats front and rear, T5R Spots,6 x CD Changer,e/w, computer, Full sexy black leather (unmarked) etc etc AND EVERYTHING WORKS!!!!!!!

So, there you have it, I made a bold statement about my car being the best example in the UK, the difference being I, and many other people truly believe it.

Drop me an e-mail and I will send you some pictures as a starter, and then who knows, we can take it from there!


[email protected]
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