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IMIV firmware bug

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Hey all I have the ipod Classic 120Gb (7g) and downloaded 1.06 firmware from IMIV. I notice that when I switched sources (ie. from ipod source to cd) the imiv forgets it was in advanced mode and when I switch back to the ipod it shows it in simple mode. This is a pain since if I want a break from the ipod and listen to the radio, for news for example, and then switch back it loses it's place in my playlist. It wasn't like this for other firmware. Is this a feature or a bug?

(I already know the video doesn't work correctly for the newer ipod)

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Re: IMIV firmware bug (CindyLouWho)

This happens when you pass the TV channel when switching sources and TV is set to TV1. TV1 will put the iPod back to Simple Mode to allow for selecting a video when in TV1 (play iPod video) mode.

You can avoid this behaviour by avoidng the TV channel when switching sources or set the TV channel to TV2. If video for iPod is not desired at all, also the "xxx-xi" (no video iPod) firmware can be uploaded, which completely disables video features for iPod.

Hope this helps.
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