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I used to own a 850 but.....

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Congrats on the site!!! A few months back I used to own a 1996 850 (T-5) which I really loved.Before that I had a 1996 Jetta Trek that I traded for the Volvo. I decided to get the 850 since my parents owned a 1979 242 gl that had 450,000 miles before it got totaled in an accident!!
The 850 was quick as hell but I wanted more so i decide to mod the car for show but to no avail since I couldn't anything for the car. The only company out here in the U.S was IPD and there stuff wasn't "aggressive" enough since I had just came out of the VW scene where there parts every where you turned. I couldn't even buy wheels because the car had a weird bolt pattern (5x105) and the only wheels avail. were TSW!!!??!!
So needless to say I went back to a VW (2000 Passat). The Volvo is a sweet car, I just wish there was more out there for them!!!
I need a 2nd car to drive around, and I might pick up an old 240 turbo for a daily driver!!!! since I loved my dads 5sp. coupe.

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What kinda 0-60, 0-100 times are you getting with that arsenal of mods?
Not sure yet!!! I'd like to test it out to see though.
Please let me know when you have a chance to test. Have fun...

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