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I think that I am at home now

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I just bought a used 94 850 turbo and have only had it a couple of weeks now. I have soo many questions about the car. I need some help with engine codes and such. Any how, I have noticed that some of you guys have also had VW's. Is there some kinda evolution going on here. I had a '97 VW Jetta GLX (black on black W/ 5 speed) Loved the car but had to sell due to start up of a small company. (needed the extra money to invest) Well, whatever, it is nice to see that I am not the only one that found bliss in a Volvo. I am just wondering what brought you guys to buying into Volvo and how you think that they compare to VW's. Also, if you care, I am happy to have found this site. It is now my new home. Thanks for being here.
Prospero (Matthew Kish)
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Hey Prospero,
Here in the beginning, many of us are Volvo and VW owners since our first endevour is http://www.vwvortex.com and many of the Vortexans who are also Volvo owners or fans have been waiting until we went live yesterday. I know some Volvo owners aren't big VW fans, so that may prove interesting, but generally I'm a big fan of VW, Audi and Volvo.

I bought the Volvo in a way to try something different, and I've been very happy with it.

I'm in Gaithersburg BTW, so if you see a red 854R, it's probably me or my wife. Welcome.
Thanks for the reply, I visit Gaithersburg on a near daily basis. I am in a red 850 turbo with 16" turbo wheels. I do most of the work to my cars at my friends shop by the airpark. It is small but well equipped. If interested in meeting some time please let me know. I'm sure we could find some topics to relate to.
Scooter, I feel your pain. I was getting ready to buy a '01 VW Jetta GLX with the "sport" package and wheels. I have been in love with these cars since I bought my first Jetta in '98. Any how, the price and performance I feel are out of balance in one way or another. The 850 Turbo was the perfect choice for me. It saved me nearly $20k, it is faster, and I think it is more professional than the Jetta. A total WIN/WIN situation in all respects. I have had my 850 for 2 weeks now and it is still impressing me more each day. (except for the gas mileage, that is) This will be car #14 in my life, and so far the nicest. I still love VW's, don't get me wrong. (After all, I have had 3 of them.) BUT, so far this Volvo has me converted to a Swedish way of thinking.
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Congrats on the new purchase. Ahhh, the memories. Now I really miss my '97 GLX

You may want to check out Tektonics Tuning, loads of goodies for your ride. Also, if you have the chance, install Bosch paltinum +4 plugs in the car. I did that for my sister's '97 GL and it woke it up in the mid and high RPM areas real well.

Have fun with the new toy, and if you hear about a small 3rd world country running out of oil...that was because of me
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