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I Need New Brakes

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It's time for a brake job on my '01 V70 T5 and I see that there are a bunch of options. I have purchased some parts on line from a company called FCP Groton and I have been very satisfied with their quality and service. They offer a F/R brake kit for the T5 with Brembro rotors and Akebono "Euro" ceramic pads. Has anyone out there tried this combination. I have used Mintex and PBR pads in the past with OE rotors and have not had any problems. Should I switch??

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Re: I Need New Brakes (1854sailor)

Yes, I too have recently done both my V-70s' with the brembo/akebono combo...virtually no brake dust....nearly the same bite as the oem setup...overall very satisfied...my wife is happy as well cause the lower panels on her white wagon actually stay clean and are not black in 3 days!!! I have approx 15 k on hers and 2 k on mine to date no squealing and most important no/very little dust. JHW
I also have this combo, no real problems at all. Although, at below zero temps, the initial bite is a bit soft until the pad is heated up. Not a biggie, but I notice and comensate.
Re: I Need New Brakes (1854sailor)

Thanks, I'm going to try this set up.
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