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was up all My dad just bought the volvo S60 (its so sweet) and he gave me his old 1994 850turbo adn I am 14.

i need help i absolutly dont know anything about cars
LIST of stuff i need to get plzz tell me what else i need or dont need

1. the rims are damaged i could repair them and keep 16" rims or buy 17" one and new tiers.
3.chip tuning
4.brigestone so3 tiers

(P.S) i got no money lol how old do you have to be to get a job..??)

THX in advance
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Hey, congratulations and welcome.

One suggestion that may not be the coolest sounding, but worthwhile, is to make sure you learn to drive, and drive well, before you go chipping that car. In stock form, it is very capable. Chipped, it could get you into a world of hurt if you don't know what you are doing (heck stock it could have gotten me into a world of hurt as a 16 year old).

Unless your dad's a farmer, I believe US law states 15 years old to have a job.

On the wheels, you can probably get a set of used wheels and tires for under $1000 so I'd buy some used 17s.

Good luck.
Hey Polish (what's ur name),

That's a tight first car, I'm 16, and I just inherited our 96 850 turbo. Trust me, these cars are fast enough stock. I have modified mine, and just recently got myself into alot of trouble. I was racing against this totally modded Eclipse with some of my buddies in the car with me, and they said... race him. So I was influenced by peer pressure and ended up doing 120 on the interstate, it was a 65 MPH zone. It was 1 in the morning, so no one was on the road, so in essence no one else was in danger. I heard a beep...beep...beep and looked up at my radar detector. It said that there were 2 KA bands behind me. I looked up, and before I could slow down, these cops sneaked up behind me. I slammed my car into L, and it jerked back, then I hit the brakes at about 100 and I pulled over to the median. After sweet talking the cops for about 5 mins, and saying how stupid I was, I ended up only getting 1 ticket, for doing 90 in a 65. As opposed to the other two they were going to throw at me, which were 110 MPH, and wreckless driving... THANK GOD... My parents aren't too happy with me, but I told them that I had to pass someone, so that's why I sped up, and these cops came out of nowhere, and caught me. My mom believed me, but my dad didn't. He knows me too well... O well, trust me... these cars FLY, and for the record... I killed that r1ce rocket.

O well, enough about me. I'm not aware of a bridgestone s03 tire, but I know there are bridgestone potenza s-02's. www.tirerack.com has them for the 850s. As for exhaust and chip tuning, there are plenty of companies, alot have been thrown out through this board. A few are IPD (www.ipdusa.com) Eastern Aerospace (www.easternaerospace.com) Eurosport Tuning (www.eurosporttuning.com)

A good source for 850 Performance and other volvo performance info is Volvo Tuning (www.volvotuning.com) and good instructions are at Volvo Speed (www.volvospeed.com)

Those sites should keep you busy for a while.

Drive safely man

As for getting a job, good luck... I've been trying to find one, and I got offered one at our local Volvo dealership, that's what happens when you know more about the cars than the salesman... haha

Good Luck man
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Welcome to Swedespeed! You have gotten a pretty nice car at the age of 14!
There is a lot of potential for the 850 Turbo, but make sure you are ready for it by becoming a skilled driver. I started driving when I was 14 as well, and it is an awesome feeling.

You can have the rims repaired or you can buy new ones, depending on how much $ you are willing to spend. Chip tuning and exhaust is a great start. I have heard great things about the S03's, thus far.


My parents aren't too happy with me, but I told them that I had to pass someone, so that's why I sped up, and these cops came out of nowhere, and caught me.

I hope your parents don't read Swedespeed.

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14? wow, can you even drive yet?? I got my license when I was 16, but louisiana is changing the driving age to 17 next year.
Also, going 110 or even 90 in a 65 mph zone is enough to get your license taken away here...but it sounds like fun

If you have no money, then I would recommend my method of just driving your car as is and not dealing with all the door dings, scratches, scratched rims, etc...Maybe I'm just lazy but hey whatever. My parents told me that they're just going to "throw away" my 850 when I go to college this fall, so there's really no incentive in me taking pains to keep my car all nice. My dad originally bought the 850 for my oldest sister in '94 and so as the last to get it, it's pretty beat up now.

My advice for you as you learn how to drive: use your turn signals, stop means stop, and be curteous to other drivers. Good luck!

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Hey PoLiSh
Your a lucky guy when I turned 16 my frist car was a 1977 red LT Camaro. It had a 400 small block,his & hers hurts shifter,3.73 posi, and a custom red and black vinly inter.
. I thought I was sooo cool in that car . Now that I think about it that car was way to powerful and unsafe for a 16 to handle. I can remember all the stupid things I did in that car.
Now when our son turns 16 (in 11 years) he is getting a BRICK !!
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I was allowed to drive my parents' third car. It was a 1982 Buick Riviera Diesel that had 180k miles on it and had been rear ended. It smoked like heck and went nowhere fast.
I like the advice jesse850GLT gave to polish, something he can take with him
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THATNK U EVER ONE!!!!! and indy yeah my dad it edicted to sweedespeed (he told me about this site) he says u uys are the best and well u are every one helps out each other

well i for got to put in that the 850 of mine is a station wagon and i dono thats not to good is it..? is a sedan lot better..?

oh oh 1 more question my frind says he could w00p mycar with a civic(dono what model) with all the upgrades and im laughing!!! but.... there is no way he could win if he upgraded it fully or can he??? my dad tell me u call civics riceracers
Welcome, wow you are young to have one of these but what the hell, awesome first car. As far as the Civic, we have an 10second one in town and from what I have seen you can mod the crap out of them. I had my a$$ handed to me from an Integra with lots of mods that included NOS.
Remember only babies use the BOTTLE!

My mods- http://www24.brinkster.com/1fastbox
I agree with 1fastbox. In my experience, I have never been beaten by a Civic, even with alot done to it. Of course, I got annihilated by a "stock" integra type-r. It wasn't stock, but o well.

those r1ce rockets come out of nowhere... of course they're not as good sleepers as our t-5's and r's.

good luck with that civic
Wagons can be cool. They're actually better on resale also. Weight-wise I don't think there's much of a difference.

As for the Civics, no stock Civic is going to touch you, though on some tight twisties they'll probably walk from you if the driver knows what he's doing because they are lighter.

Now modded, who knows what you'll find.

Originally posted by polish:
Well i for got to put in that the 850 of mine is a station wagon and i dono thats not to good is it..? is a sedan lot better..?
As far as 'shock-value' is concerned, no doubt, any Volvo turbo wagon is probably the ultimate sleeper, which is very good in my opinion.

Just remember, when Volvo first entered the BTCC (British Touring Car Championship), they ran an 850 Turbo Wagon, which supposedly had less drag, better aerodynamics, and better weight distribution than the sedan.

Having a Wagon, is not a bad thing at all.

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