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Greetings all,
So, I am back after my first OSD trip. Everything went very well and according to plans.

Volvo has been very professional and service minded throughout the trip. It is very special to take delivery of a Volvo in the country in which it was "born".

Our trip started with a couple of lengthy flights from Anchorage, AK to Goteborg, Sweden. Scandinavian Airlines provided very nice accommodations, and even provided a bed for our little son to sleep in while enroute.
As promised, Volvo picked us up with two vehicles (we were four adults and one baby) and took us to SAS Radisson Scandinavia in Goteborg. This hotel was very nice close to major shopping areas in Goteborg. Their breakfast is excellent.

On the day of delivery Volvo picked us up at the hotel and took us to the Volvo factory. We were offered coffee and waited maybe five minutes before a sit-down with a representative who explained everything about our time in Europe and details about home shipping.
We also were able to order the accessories that we wanted. Then we took delivery of the car, with a very thorough demonstration of the car's features.
After driving the car out the doors, we had our meatball lunch, and coffee and dessert before we took off on our adventure throughout Sweden, Germany, and Austria. This is the most expensive lunch I ever had, but it came with a free car!

Our stops took place in Karlstad, Sweden (to visit family), Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany, Salzburg, Austria (4 nights) and then Trendelburg, Germany on the way back to Sweden.
Both ways we took the ferry between Goteborg and Kiel. This is really recommended as you can start your driving in Germany refreshed after a night of sleeping on the ferry.

The car is great, and I am especially pleased with having ordered the PCC, adaptive cruise control, and BLIS. I really felt that this car gave me situational awareness. I settled with the 3.2 engine, but would recommend the T6 if you are to do a lot of spirited, and/or fast driving. For my needs when the car gets back home, though, the 3.2 will be fine, but I can really understand those of you who swear by the T6.

What really impressed me with the whole experience were the Volvo employees. They were very professional. As an example, Volvo state-side made a mistake when they sent me the order confirmation and listed last year holiday dates for the delivery center in Sweden. I had therefore booked my return date accordingly.
Well, since they were going to be closed on the day of my planned car return I was directed to hand the car over to a night guard at Volvo. Not ideal, but OK with me.

Well, what ended up happening was that when I stopped the car in Goteborg close to the hotel on the second to last day of our adventure, another Volvo stopped behind me. A gentleman (Volvo employee) came up to me and said that the delivery center was open after all. He had seen my license plate and followed me. So, I got to return the car as it is supposed to be returned after all.

After returning the car, Volvo gave us another lift back to our hotel, and then took all of us to the airport the following day. I did not expect so much transportation to be offered to us at all.

So, if you are wondering if OSD is for you and you are in the market for a new car, OSD is the way to go. http://********************/smile/emthup.gif My wife even started talking about doing this again next year! (Don't think so unless we buy a new second vehicle.)

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