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2021 XC60 T8/Recharge
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Congrats on your T8. Hope you are enjoying it!

The needle goes into the red area when the regenerative braking is not sufficient, and the mechanical brakes have been engaged. This happens when you press the brake harder, as regen braking is not as effective as mechanical braking, and is not enough to slow down the car.

The second question is a little harder to answer. If you assume that braking is always blended, then you could assume that once regen braking has reached it's maximum, it then applies mechanical braking. The question becomes whether the regen braking is still at that maximum level. If so, then yes, you've reached the maximum level of recharge.

The other way to look at it is, Am I recovering the maximum amount of energy from recharging? If you go into the red zone, then the answer is no. Some of the energy is lost to friction braking. To recover the most energy, keep it in the non-red zone. This means the mechanical brakes have not been engaged, and all braking is regen braking, and used to recharge.
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