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Hey Guys!
Just picked up my very own first S60R, I've been looking for approximately two years off and on. After two failed long trips as far as 12 hrs from my house I have finally found one!

Thankfully, my first question on this forum does not have to do with engine or drive train! I found out the hard way(once I was down there and beginning my 6 hrs drive home) that the radio would not tune into a station and the CD player does not work!

Sometimes I can get the AM stations to turn into a few of the well known stations around my area. The FM stations are no where to be found though! If I hit seek on FM its just continues to seek without ever finding. I do have static/white noise coming through the radio just fine so I know the amplifier is working.

I know some Volvo head units have a problems with the AM/FM turning. Is this a common problem with the HU-850?

I plan on purchasing a Bluetooth adapter(any suggestions?) in the long run, but would love for the radio and CD player to work too!

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