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Well, there I was yesterday, car sufficiently broken in and decided I was going to launch this puupy 0-60 style. You know, ahem, for emergency reasons...anyways I remember a lot of wheelspin but my car was completely different.

I tried the same launch as usual, around 2000rpm because I know the torque melted the demo car's tires. Not this time...terrible wheel hop. I mean I think every bolt was loosened. ugly feeling that I haven't felt in years, since my 93 Probe GT, which also had the same tires, Dunlop SP8000s. My 97 Maxima SE didn't because the tire compound was harder, same with the original P6s on the T5.

I found the best result was slipping the clutch at 3000rpm and then flooring it. Felt like the car positively squirted out of the whole and had traction right up to about 6500rpm when i shifted. This seems to work best.

What have others found, should I be more aggressive and instead of dropping the clutch at 2ooo maybe higher, would this avoid the wheelhop?

Just curious.
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