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2018 XC90 Momentum, P*, B&W
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At what temperature does the sunroof and windows close automatically?

My '18 XC90 is new to me and I am trying to keep the sunroof and side windows open halfway for ventilation. Problem is, the car closes them itself. I tried with both locked and unlocked (car also locked itself). Today, it happened immediately upon locking the car , not the 15 minutes in settings.

*I do have the sunroof close at temperature setting off, * but can't find any way to prevent these windows and sunroof from closing. It will allow me to keep the tailgate open, however. Does anyone have suggestions for how to keep the windows and especially sunroof open?

I train sport scent detection for dogs, and we set up in the car most of the time. We have secure crates, fans, shade cloths, and other gear to keep them cool between turns. However, this ventilation is a must !
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