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This is a real case that one owner’s Volvo V70 T5 1999 have bad fuel pump relay, and finally need Vida dice to scan codes. Hope it helps to those owners who have the same car model with same issues.

Car model and year:

Volvo V70 T5 1999

Car symptom and what owner tried to do:

I started my car yesterday and after about 10 seconds, the engine suddenly shut off. The transmission shift up light, ets light, check engine light, and battery light come on after it dies. The car will turn over, but not even try to start unless you lock the car, unlock it, and try again. I went out and bought a new antenna ring at the dealership and installed it today. I also let the battery sit disconnected all night and checked all the fuses. The car started right up, ran smooth for about 10 seconds, then suddenly shut off.

Car owner’s question:

What are the chances that my immobilizer module suddenly died?

Analysis and advice from experienced technician:

Not likely and that is a good thing. If it did you would need to buy new keys and have them programmed. About $200.00 / key.

The fact that it started and ran for about 10 seconds indicates that the immobilizer function is being satisfied. A bad antenna ring or immobilizer problem will kill the car immediately after it starts.

Based on the behavior I think you may have a bad fuel pump relay. Try jumping the socket positions associated with pins 15 and 87 on relay 103 with a piece of wire and see if the car runs then.

If the fuel pump is running and you have good fuel pressure you are likely going to need a VIDA DICE scan to get to the bottom of it.

I have one VIDA DICE from obd tool for 2 months, it works well as I need, it always get the latest software update and get some bug fix.

I bought €150 two years ago now drop to €88 and update to 2014D:

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