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2008 S60 2.5T
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"Position Light" is Volvo-speak for Parking/Tail Lights, and the message usually means either bad bulb or bad bulb connection.
The best way to deal with the problem is to replace all bulbs in the rear of the vehicle, which is easy.
(When one bulb goes out, others probably won't be far behind.) When replacing bulbs:
  1. Check the bulb sockets, and if there is any visible corrosion, clean them with spray electronic cleaner (and then dry them).
  2. Coat bulb contacts with a film of bulb dielectric grease, which will help keep them free of corrosion and ensure good connections.
Important: There is considerable confusion and misinformation on proper bulb types (even from major manufacturers and suppliers*). Your best bet is to check the owner's manual for proper bulb types or get them from a Volvo dealer. Use only Euro spec bulbs, not USA spec bulbs.

Good resource: Volvo Bulb Guide and Cross-Reference

* For example, IPD lists the rear Tail Lights and Marker Lights for the P2 S60 2001-2009 as 10W. Correct wattage for the 2008 S60 is 5W (Sylvania 5007). Sylvania lists the Side Marker Light Bulb Rear as 7528, but they are also 5007. etc. etc.
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