Koenigsegg is unlike any other automaker on the planet.

Churning out a very limited number of extremely high-performance vehicles from its tiny factory in Angelholm, Sweden, the company doesn't have the resources to crash a bunch of different cars when it is validating a car in safety testing.

Koenigsegg's engineering prowess helps it save some money in this regard, however. As company founder Christian von Koenigsegg explained in a recent video with YouTube channel Apex.One, the company can us the same carbon monocoque for all necessary crash testing, because the monocoque itself is so strong.

"We destroy the bodywork on the outside, subframes, crash members and so on, but not the most integral and most expensive part of the car," he explains in the video.

Most automakers will crash a car and then dispose of it, which would be cheaper than trying to fix and re-crash the same car over and over again. For Koenigsegg, though, which uses an extremely expensive carbon chassis for every one of its cars, it's easier to just keep fixing the same car.

Check out the video embedded below and try your best not to wince as Koenigsegg tortures a Regera in just about every possible way.