A long winter can leave your Volvo feeling a little less fresh than you'd like, and that applies if you're in the salt belt or somewhere that enjoys year-round sun. Now that the weather is nice, take some time to make your Volvo look like new again. Here's how to clean your Volvo's interior like a pro and make your Swede feel a little more sweet once again.

1. Compact Garbage Can

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The first step in cleaning your Volvo's interior is getting rid of the garbage. Straw wrappers, food debris, empty cans and bottles, and there are probably even some old masks kicking around under your seats. Trash the trash, and to help keep it that way, maybe it's time to get a compact garbage can you can keep inside and keep your refuse confined. Don't forget to remove all of the stuff that's not garbage, the in-car cables, dongles, and other detritus that are going to go back in later but are in the way for now. Even the floormats should come out because they're easier to clean outside anyway.


2. Car Vacuum
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Now it's time to vacuum. Even if you've got a canister vac in the house with great attachments, you probably don't want to drag it outside. The better way to vacuum your Volvo is with a wet-dry vacuum. One that's designed to be used outside so it doesn't matter if you suck up some moisture or topple it over onto the pavement.


3. Wall-Mounted Vacuum
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Another great solution is a wall-mount garage vacuum cleaner. One that can be used to suck up everything from sawdust to leaves from the garage floor but then gives you a long hose to take out to your Volvo. These vacuums have the added bonus of keeping the motor far away from you. A vacuum motor can be loud enough to give you a headache after an afternoon of use, and can probably lead to long-term hearing damage.


4. Vacuum Wand Attachment

A basic wand attachment is all you really need for the end of that vac, but a soft bristle brush is handy for getting into small seams (it will flick the dirt out of them) and is better for plastic trim that can scratch easily and show damage.


5. Vacuum Powerhead
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Using a mini powerhead on your vacuum is great for getting the difficult dust and dirt off of large flat carpet and upholstered surfaces, but if you need to get down in between the seats then it's not going to help you.


6. Carpet Brush Drill Attachments
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For getting that Vallhund's fur out of the hard-to-reach spots, you should grab a carpet brush. These small rounded brushes attach to your drill and the semi-stiff bristles snag any hair or other hard-to-get dirt from the carpet. They can reach down in between the seats, and under the seat tracks, though be careful not to scratch your seat trim.


7. Upholstery Shampoo

The carpet brush works on stains, too. Spray your stained seats or salty carpets with the right upholstery shampoo or stain remover. Get one formulated specifically for salt for salty carpets. Let the stain remover sit and then hit it with the brush and say goodbye to stubborn stains and old soda spills.


8. Carpet Shampooer
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If your Volvo's fabric seats and carpets are looking extra tired, it might be time for a shampoo. Sure, you could rent the machine, but buying your own carpet shampooer isn't much more expensive. It's also much more convenient since you can now clean your couches and rugs inside, and do it on your own time.


To shampoo, wet down the seats and carpet, let the soap work, then suck up the excess water. Don't soak the seats or carpets, getting all of the water out can be tough and you don't want mould. You also don't want a car seat that's still wet the next day.

9. Floor Mats
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Because you can take your floor mats out of the car and clean them on the driveway, a hose and brush is a great way to get the mud, dirt, and salt stains out. Even better if you've got a pressure washer and can blast them clean. If the mats are too far gone, then you can just replace them instead of wasting time on cleaning.


10. Interior Cleaning Spray

Use a dry microfibre cloth to get the dust off of your dashboard. An interior cleaner spray can get the tougher stuff, but water and a microfibre are usually all you'll need.


11. Screen Cleaner

Don't wipe a dry touchscreen, though. For that, you'll want to use a dedicated screen cleaner and a fresh, clean towel to avoid scratching your expensive touchscreen display.


12. Detailing Brush Kit
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A stiff paintbrush works great for getting dust out of vents, cubbies, and other compartments. We've seen loads of TikTok videos where people use a silly-putty-like clay to get the really tough dirt out, but pros don't use a one-time product like that. Of course, there's nothing stopping you, and it is definitely fun to play with.


13. Silly Putty Clay

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14. Leather Cleaner

Clean your leather seats and steering wheel with a leather cleaning product and another microfibre - you're going to want at least a dozen towels for your whole interior. Apply a leather conditioner to the seats and rub it in as directed, then wipe until dry. If you're going to condition your steering wheel, and it might well need it, be careful. It can leave your wheel slippery and that can mean you lose control at the worst possible time.


15. Glass Cleaner

Cleaning the glass is up next. Using a clean microfibre (yes, even more), spray the inside of your windows with your glass cleaner. Wipe to remove grime, dirt, and the off-gassing from your interior plastics, then wipe dry. Your pro tip here is to try and clean in one direction on the inside (up and down) and the other direction on the outside (left to right) so that you can tell which side the streak is on. Roll down your side glass to get the top edge of each window for the full pro detailing look. Ammonia and newspaper have long been a staple for glass cleaning, but that cleaner isn't good for your touchscreens or the top of the dash, and newspaper isn't what it used to be.


16. Windshield Cleaning Wand

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If you haven't cleaned your windows in a while, this might take a few repeat applications. The haze caused by the plastics in your vehicle can be tough to cut, but your vision at night and in the rain will thank you. If you can't reach the whole windshield, windshield cleaning wands work like a selfie-stick for your glass and let you reach the hard-to-get parts.


There you have it, the interior of your Volvo clean and tidy just like the pros do. Now go enjoy the drive. Or maybe it's time to clean the outside as well? Either way, it's up to you.

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