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Recently I noticed that my high beam "lock" (when you pull it all the way back, so that they stay on) would sporadically not work, it would take a few tries to actually get them to stay on or off. Sometimes it would take a second or two before it would turn on or off. Couldn't find anything searching or in the sticky, so I decided to take a look and see if there was an obvious problem, and it turned out to be super easy to fix - under 15 minutes if you have all the right stuff already.

Edit: this was done independently of the S60 writeup here which addresses intermittent turn signal function. Seems to have a very similar if not identical stalk, so I'll let you all decide who did a better walkthrough ;)

Here's the writeup:

Start with the 3x T25 screws holding the steering column cover on. Once they are out, the upper and lower column snap apart pretty easily with just fingers.

There are 2x P2 screws holding the stalk switch module in place. Pull them out...

The module slides right out, very slick...

Bring it inside to somewhere clean, and pull the two circled screws out. Unplug the connector (that runs the rotary encoder and button) and pry out the PCB tab where indicated by the arrow, the board should pivot up and out:

Can see clearly that there has been some corrosion... and most if not all of the protective grease has been pushed aside. The turn signal contacts weren't giving me trouble yet, but if it's the same design as the S60/R then it was only a matter of time. Might as well clean both while we're in here. BTW the yellow finger carries are loose, and may fall out. Refer to this pic for proper re-installation.

The fastest way to clean them is using plastic rouge (1) with a very soft polishing wheel (2) at low speed and with minimal pressure. It took about 30 seconds to get to (3) and after an alcohol wash (4) it looks pristine. You could also use 1000-1500 grit sand paper, but be careful not to take too much off the PCB when cleaning. The finger contacts should only be cleaned by rubbing against cardboard or paper, don't use abrasives as the rough surface will eat into the copper traces and shorten the life of the switch.

Finally, pack it full of dielectric grease.

Reassembly is the reverse of disassembly. Works perfectly now, and the switch feels much better, too. :beer:
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