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How to adjust the screen brightness in TV mode w/out RC?

Hello everyone.

I have been searching the net for quite a while now, but have not found a solution to my problem, and I hope someohne of you might be able to help me out.

What I try to accomplish is to lower the screen brightness on my RTI screen, but only for the TV mode. Actually I do not care if this changes the brightness in navigation mode as well, as long as I discover how to change it.
Unfortunately I do not have the remote control.

The VADIS (Volvo Assistance and Dealer Information System) software states, that the brigtness can be changes using the radio unit. Unfortunately, VADIS does not go into further details as to how this task could be accomplished.

Additional information: I have a CD-based RTI and I suppose the TV is PAL, as I am living in Germany.

Thanks in advance,

PS: Currently I have the original Volvo TV tuner replaced by an IMIV module that lats me feed video from my ipod into the nav unit, instead of using the original tv module. Maybe changing the brightness is only possible when the original TV module is connected, but help would be appreciated anyways.
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