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These is the concensus for Volvo owners...

1. Do not go above 75 mph for the first 1200 miles.

2. Keep the revs below 4500 rpm, but it is good to vary engine speed during the break in period. Just drive normally, but don't overtax the engine.

3. Most people agree that using synthetic on turbocharged engines is the best way to go right from the start. Most Volvo turbo owners agree that Mobile 1 is the best synthetic.

4. Volvo and Saab both have a long and distingushed record for turbocharging. With today's turbo engines, it is not really necessary to wait before shutting the engine down, but it would be a good practice if you want long and useful turbo life. Waiting 30 seconds lets the turbine spin down and lets the oil circulate freely before the engine is turned off.

I hope this helps!

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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