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Just remember if you pull the passenger seat it will set an SRS code and as far as I know only the dealer or someone with VADIS or VIDA can reset those.
I can concur on that one. I went to a BMW AutoX that was supposed to rain according to the weatherman. So I took out the subwoofer, the rear seats and floor panels in the rear. I estimate about 250 lbs lighter (by the way I've weighed my car on scales and it was 3950 lbs before the weight removal). To remove the rear seats you have to disconnect the connector to the belt tensioners, which sets the SRS code as Oceans60R suggests. I have the IPD diagnostics but it will not clear the codes. Bummer! The race turned out to be dry and the advantage of AWD in the rain was nullified. Darn! I still beat about half the people there.
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