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How do I remove the air cleaner assembly?

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Ok, I've had my 850 for years but I don't know how to remove the lower half of the air cleaner assembly. There is a grommet at the right side that connects to the body of the car, and one on the bottom that Ican see. Any documentation on how to remove? thanks
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Re: How do I remove the air cleaner assembly? (mark_850t)

Don't know about good documentation but it is pretty easy.
Best thing to do is disconnect everything and move it out of the way.
Namely intake tube from radiator to airbox and lid with MAF.

The bottom box has I believe 4 bottom grommet mounts and 1 side mount.
Pop the box up to release the bottom mounts then pull/push the box toward the engine that one grommet will pop out.
Reinstall in reverse.
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