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How do I make my R faster in the Lower gears?

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I can't get over the Lag My 06 auto has. I feel like it takes a while to hit 60 mph Top end is INSANE in my car now tho with Bsr chip. I finaly Raced my buddies M3 from 20-125 mph and Pulled him by 2 cars Last night.. great feeling.
But lower gears seem weak.
Any mods I can do to fix this? I have a exhaust on order will this help abit? Maybe a Intake?
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Re: (Helmut Ranff)

Quote, originally posted by Helmut Ranff »

This car will make an incredible sound of death when doing a brake start. I tested it and it was saying in loud words, " Do not do this to me"

Britspeed executed a sweet brake boost takeoff from a stop light next to me. I didn't hear any sound that was remotely bad at all.

BTW, his car launched really hard and his is an 04. (Though he has ipd ecu)
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