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How do I make my R faster in the Lower gears?

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I can't get over the Lag My 06 auto has. I feel like it takes a while to hit 60 mph Top end is INSANE in my car now tho with Bsr chip. I finaly Raced my buddies M3 from 20-125 mph and Pulled him by 2 cars Last night.. great feeling.
But lower gears seem weak.
Any mods I can do to fix this? I have a exhaust on order will this help abit? Maybe a Intake?
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Re: How do I make my R faster in the Lower gears? (steamboatsig)

Quote, originally posted by steamboatsig »
It would have to have be a twin turbo V8, right? You couldn't put a turbo on just one set of headers, you would have to do both. I think.

nope, you're wrong. a v8 can still supply one turbo. its as simple as taking the manifolds and combining their discharge to ONE turbo flange.
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Re: (needsdecaf)

Quote, originally posted by needsdecaf »
uh, that's a biturbo.

uh, you're right.

Anyway, a single turbo setup obviously requires less space than a biturbo.
nuff said.
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needsdecaf: it depends on turbo location. having a 2" or 3" pipe running over to a single collector isnt difficult. drag cars do it all the time. the only passenger setup i can think of is a 1989 turbo trans am, and it was a v6, but none the less, its still a V-engine.
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