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How do I make my R faster in the Lower gears?

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I can't get over the Lag My 06 auto has. I feel like it takes a while to hit 60 mph Top end is INSANE in my car now tho with Bsr chip. I finaly Raced my buddies M3 from 20-125 mph and Pulled him by 2 cars Last night.. great feeling.
But lower gears seem weak.
Any mods I can do to fix this? I have a exhaust on order will this help abit? Maybe a Intake?
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Re: How do I make my R faster in the Lower gears? (phuz)

Quote, originally posted by phuz »

nope, you're wrong. a v8 can still supply one turbo. its as simple as taking the manifolds and combining their discharge to ONE turbo flange.

Well, while you are correct about this, what passenger car that you know of has the room underhood for that kind of plumbing arrangement?

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Re: (phuz)

Quote, originally posted by phuz »

uh, you're right.

Anyway, a single turbo setup obviously requires less space than a biturbo.
nuff said.

I am not standing on very good ground, having never seen a passenger car single turbo setup on a veed engine, so I'm not arguing, just curious. How do you get the exhaust from one bank over to the other side where the turbo is? I would think that the plumbing would be pretty hellish and take up more room than having one turbo on each side.

I'd like to see what one looked like, I'm curious.
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