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Hi all!

I own a 1981 240 wagon that I need to get rid of. It just turned into a time & money pit, always when I didn't have enough of either.

Anyway, here in CT, they don't require a title if you are transferrring a vehicle manufactured before 1981. I have looked high & low & can't find my title, but I do have the original owners manual where the owner had written in a "delivery date" of 1-29-81. I'm thinking that gives me pretty good odds of not having to waste a lot of time scouring old boxes in the attic to see where the title is.

It looks like one of the labels on the inside of the driver's door may have had that information on it at one point, but it's illegible now.
Any way I can find out from the VIN?


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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