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Homelink and Chamberlain garage door opener

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Hi guys;

Hoping someone here can be of help. I have an 8 year old Chamberlain 1/3 HP chain drive garage door opener and I've been trying to "train" the homelink button in my new V50. I'm pretty sure that I'm following the instructions pretty faithfully but I'm not having any luck.

Could it be that my Chamberlain unit has rolling codes? (no, I don't have the manual, would you keep it for 8 years?
) Their website is useless (http://www.chamberlain-diy.com/diy04/home/ - I can't find any info about discontinued products.

Anyone with a Chamberlain unit they've successfully trained??
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Re: Homelink and Chamberlain garage door opener (Dede)

Quote, originally posted by Dede »
There is a small red button on the head-unit, but it says it is to reset the remotes? Nowhere does it say it is for "training" ? I was alos under the impression that the "rolling-code" feature was something usually found on higher-end units?

What is the model number of the garage door opener?

I remember when I programmed mine I had to do a reset as Mullman stated and I had to follow the instructions to the letter - the first couple of times I screwed it up.

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