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Re: Homelink and Chamberlain garage door opener (Dede)

Did you find a "learn" button on the Chamberlain? If so, then it should have rolling codes.

Another thing to consider (per my experience), how many remotes are programmed with your Chamberlain unit? Some garage door opener only allows a small number of device programmed to it.

Happened to my when I got my last S40. I couldn't program the door whatsoever, since we've had a number of cars in and out (traded in, or leased out). And no, I didn't forget to erase the codes from those cars. It's just the garage door opener still "thinks" that it's still programmed to that certain car. My Genie only allows 8 remotes at once, so I had to erase the whole memory and start programming all the remotes and homelinks with our current fleet.
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