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2008 XC-90 V8 Sport
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I bought a HF hitch mount carrier last winter to use on a ski trip from PA to the Rockies. To keep any damage from water and salt at bay, I put the cargo (luggage for the most part) in a large nylon bag that spanned the length of the carrier. The tips of exhaust on the V8 Sport are about 8" from the front of the carrier and roughly level with it. I was worried about the melting the bag and to try to prevent that, I made a heat shield from some scrap pieces of galvanized steel (see photo). The shield worked for its intended purpose however, it trapped enough heat that some of the bumper was deformed as you can clearly see in the attached pictures.

The damage is cosmetic and the parking sensor in the area is unscathed. I’d like to avoid doing any further harm on a repeat trip this winter and am toying with the idea of making a horizontal shield that will hopefully direct most of the hot gas under the carrier. The last photo gives some idea of this but would of course be shaped to fit more tightly to the exhaust and would extend the full width of the cargo carrier.

I think this would work in terms of keeping the nylon bag intact, but have learned my lesson regarding the unintended consequences of McGuivering, so am floating the concept here first. Any and all feedback welcomed.


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