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High pitched squealing

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Hi all. I have a 2006 S40 2.4i with the Geartronic transmission with about 57k miles on it.

Today on the way home from work a high pitched squeal started coming from the engine compartment. It does not change with RPM or gear selection (or neutral/park) and continues with the a/c on or off as well.

It seems to be coming from the upper front passenger side (right) of the engine compartment, but the sound is a bit hard to localize.

As it is not RPM dependent I thought it might be the cooling fan bearings, but removing the fan fuse did not stop the sound.

The car was ust purchased used from a dealer a week and a half ago, and before I picked it up they replaced the A/C compressor due to the (apparently common) magnetic clutch/heat issue.

I have a 3rd party warranty that the dealer threw in, but I'd rather not spend the $100 for the deductible if it's something simple.

Any ideas?

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Re: High pitched squealing (jsalbre)

Sounds like it could be the PCV problem, have you read up on that at all? Do a search here on the forum and you should find some good info. It should be covered under an extended warranty from Volvo. Good luck!
Re: High pitched squealing (carreragt7)

The sticked info post at the top has a couple of threads to reference.

Quick test - with the engine running, pull out the dipstick a couple of inches. If the noise stops, it's a broken crankcase breather and very likely a Volvo-covered repair.

Thanks for the info guys. When I read the intro post a few weeks ago I wasn't having this problem so that part didn't stick in my mind.

Sounds like exactly the problem I'm having, though from what I'm reading shouldin't I be having an overpressure? When I pull the dipstick it's sucking air in, not blowing out.

Anyway, taking the car into the dealer at unch today, will update with results.
Re: (jsalbre)

I dunno man. Take a good look under your hood - this happened to my dad's old 960 one night:

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Well, I suppose that could cause squeaking under the hood.
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The service advisor told me they don't have an opening to do the work till Monday morning, but he's familiar with the issue and it shouldn't be any problem.

He also said he'd hook me up with a loaner car too. Nice, considering I bought it used!
Hey guys, I'm also having a similar problem. But then mine isn't a high squeaking noise. It's more like a low droning noise that's quite annoying to your ears. It doesn't seem like it's affected by RPM or anything. It usually starts when the car is hot and I go over 40 mph. And the sound would die down if I go slower. It's also coming from the lower passenger side of the engine, but I don't know what's down there since our engine bay is so compact. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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