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We are a couple of seniors with a 1988 760 Turbo GL wagon

We have had a pile of adventures with the car including driving
through three of the biggest storms in San Diego.

Also piling film gear in and out, even two 35mm projectors!

I have done a lot of under the hood 'Stuff' and had
the suspension, driveshaft, brakes, front end, radiator
hoses etc. done.

I run nGK irrudium point plugs to get the 'Singing Red Block"
sound at around 75Mph.

We are looking to trade this very fast wagon for
a economy van or car.

This 760 really flies and is a great freeway driver.

We need to 'Cool Down' to a more business machine.

I can add pics etc. and we ARE interested in how many Voly wagon
folks there are in SD. We meet another older gent with a '88 240
at the Starbucks on Tamarack Ave. in Carlsbad most weeknights.
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