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Hi Folks,
Im Jay and im German, and i bought a used V50 T5 last saturday! And i can't help it, my so proud of it I just could burst everytime i hop in that beast!
Im 28 years old and a big car nut. My first own car was a 76' Ford Taunus, 2 Liter V6 Engine with a Solex Carb on top. Don't know if any of you fellas know the car sinc i think it was Euro Market only, but since i had to study 120km from my hometown, i had to sell it an Bought a Mercedes Benz 190 2.0, my mum said that was the Car for me, it was Black an low, and just looked mean. But again due to the fact that I lost qualification to study engineering i had to relocate to study economics.
So I moved in with my girfriend in Freiburg, I think thats where Crossie is from judging from his license plate.
Anyways she had a car and i needed Money so i sold my beloved Merc' to a family friend 4 years ago. That think still lives and is going strong with i think 270k on the odormeter ( 167k miles ).

Which brings me to now. I Finished university, and hold a bachelors degree in economics, is start my new Job at a kickass Firm on February and i needed a ride, BADLY! I searched since last september, always dreamed of the perfect e39 Touring, but my heart always longed for force induction!
And thats when i found her!

At a Dealer for a reasonable Price, I went there on a Thursday, 2 hour drive, not knowing if the timingbelt was replaced since it was due. Well the belt was freshly dropped in 2 years old. everyting worked.
She's lowered on what i believe are volvo springs since i have no papers on the Springs ( you need that in Germany, no ABE (papers who allow certain stuff to be modified on the car without TÜV approval) police no likey).
At first i noticed that strange sticker spelling SUMMUM on the door inside, and thought o well some crytic production code thingie.
But no.. Fully loaded with extras she is! Aside from parking beepers and an security system, and holy mother thank god no stupid towbar!

Navi works, although a bit sketchy, the engine sounds healthy and pulls like a wild stallion on steroids! Ride is super hard because lowered, i love it.
Plus the whole stealth bonus, shes black with black tinted windows.
And in Germany no cops pulls over a Volvo if behind it is an BMW with yound folks in it. Or a VW Gold GTI or whatever.

Here she is with WinterWheels on ... 17" Winter Shoes .. I Never had that! WHOOP WHOOP!!

Since i had her I dropped in a new RTI Disc from 2014, and i ordered an K&N Replacement Air Filter.
Plans for when its a bit warmer are:
- get the engine bay nice and clean
- recondition the leather seats
- sommer rims need a new coating of black plasit dip
- the brake calipers need a color refresh, im thinking of painting them black, since red calipers are not my thing and stand oit to much
- maybe the stock spoiler since i dont have one
- maybe another exhaust system, but just maybe, i like the sleeper cred.

no performance mods, since i really have to learn how to drive 220 angry turbo horses, when im confident an think i need more, which definately will come then i think about that.

In Short, I saw a VOLVO V50 T5, I fell in love, I bought it, im proud, and here I am!

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Quick question, judging from the looks of it that front caliper must be the one from the 320mm brake system am I right? I could find adequate information on this since the original brake discussion is missing a few pictures.
Input would be much appreciated.

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