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DUDe. you guys are stalkin me or something?!
i can't even get haircut without ppl takin pics of my car?!
ahhaah just kidding
glad you guyys like my car.
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Yeah, watch them follow you into a Burger King. If not, then I have a dare for the people living in the Bay Area in California. Go around Telegraph Ave near the Oakland/Berkeley border (You will find a place called Smokehouse at the corner, go down one block towards the Do Not Enter sign in the middle of the street). Find the dusty S40 that is mine. You will be able to notice it by the bird droppings and the bug stains on the hood. I dare anyone to do that, and post the pictures up here. Mwahahahaha.

But anyway, if you do decide to search for my car, you will also see some other "nicer" looking Volvos. So far, I have seen around my new neighorhood:

1 - V70R
1 - 850 (mod)
2 - S40
1 - V40

Hands down, by far the V70R looks out of place on the street, it's too nice, whoever owns it washes his/her car every week, or doesn't drive it alot but likes to leave it on a busy street. The only other car that looks out of place is the Ford F-150 SVT Lighting that parks on the same street.

(I bet you people tuned out of my post, I don't blame you, it's 2 in the morning and I'm just waiting for a download to finish).
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OMG, even Pokemon is around the first mainpage.
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