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hey guys, another problem, need your help again

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driving down the highway a few days ago i was hit with an "oil level low, stop engine safely" message. I added a quart of oil and the car seemed to begin running smoothly again. That was until yesterday. It began chugging violently at idle, and when i would give it gas, anything over 2100 RPM, there was a clicking noise comparable to when youre a little kid and you put a baseball card in your bike's tire's spoke. almost sounded like plastic on plastic. So needless to say, it's not moving until i get some input from you guys. One of my buddies who is really good with engines, albeit japanese engines, thinks that it's either a sticky valve or a bent valve because of the location and the sound that the engine is emmitting. Hopefully some of you guys have run into this before and have some good news.
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yes, your valves are likely toast.

I am going to guess you are going to be into it for a full rebuild

What are your mods? How many miles?

When was (please be honest) the last time you changed the oil or oil filter? What type of oil you running? Any obvious leaks besides the turbo drain seal?
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oil change--probably 7500 miles ago

yes JRL, i know, i had this coming

usually running royal purple

the car has 125000 miles on it, has some dents, the awd system is completely toast, im only getting power to the front wheels. Probably could only sell the thing for 4-6 grand but i still owe 7 on it. Negative equity is great!

if a full rebuild is going to be over 3 grand its time for that e36 m3 ive been eyeing

mods are: Cross drilled rotors, 17" NS wheels, evolve engine mounts, hood vent, silicone hoses, Custom CAI that is actually one of the best ones ive seen anyone do on this motor, custom center mounted guage pod, boost and transtemp guages, 2.5" stainless mandrel bent exhaust. the exhaust is pure art.

Bender, how much you think a full rebuild would run me, and how sure are you that this type of problem would entail a full rebuild?
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well it could just be a valve replacement which wouldn't be AS bad.

I dont know how much it would be for an s60 - but a buddy just did one on his RSX-S for 2700... probably wouldnt be as high for us but would be close.

total rebuild would = $$$$$
if it costs 1000 for a timing belt replacement im not holding my breath that it will cost anything less than a well engineered japanese motor. one thing that the engineers that created our cars did not have in mind was ease of maintenance for the mechanics.
a mechanic charged you 1000 for a timing belt?!? time for a new mechanic my friend!
Re: (liquidforce1887)

It's probably much more cost efficient to do an engine swap (salvage engine). Valves alone before labor are > $400.
oh and for the issue at hand - one of two things happened:

you redlined it and bent the valves and they have been throwing oil off into the exhaust


the engine was oil starved and everything got fudged
Re: hey guys, another problem, need your help again (liquidforce1887)


Another option
game over, need a new engine.

99 E36 M3 cosmo black black interior 5 speed. ground control coilovers. 70k miles. guys taking my volvo and 5 grand. its been fun guys.
Re: (liquidforce1887)

That's a great deal. http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
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Either that M3 is a piece of poop and that car has wicked high mileage or that guy is a crack head.
its in great shape, paint is good, interior is nearly flawless, 70000 miles. he owns 3, hes my mechanic and is definitely cutting me a reallll good deal
im jealous

but what about your 7k debt on the s60?
sometimes you have to spend money to make money guy
sounds like you got a good deal - if the s60 isnt gone yet and you can pull some parts off let me know
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