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Hey George! If you ever run out of stories...

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This is what my driveway currently looks like.
94' 940 Turbo
94' 855 Turbo
95' 850 T5-R
97' 850R
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Wow, nice selection. Is the white one an R? The burgundy 855 looks pretty slick. What have you done to it besides the wing and the wheels? I might be up for doing a feature on that.

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Well..the 855 has the Volans and rear spoiler as you can see. The rear half of the wagon has been tinted(limo black). I have a carbon fiber dash, carbon fiber engine cover, ipd side turn signals, k&n air filter, carbon fiber engine cover, ipd sways, and an omp strut brace.
Sorry...I forgot about your first question. The white 850 is in fact a 1997 "R". Not too much done to that one, just the ipd turn signals and a k&n air filter.
Lost 240

Where did you get the sway bars for the 850 wagon (855)? My IPD catalog says there still in development and not yet offered. I would love to get a set of these for my wagon.


David M
I bought the sways for the wagon back in 98' when ipd was still selling them. From what I've heard ipd had a problem with the sways for the wagons at some point, where they were bending and in some cases cracking on the cars. Fortunately mine came out of the good batch and I have not experienced any of those problems.
The car has been driven hard with those too. I won an autocross against a few camaros, nissans, and a mercedes. Man were those guys shocked when their V8 camaros were outhandled by a wagon. Sure they laughed at first, but they were hanging their head when I took the trophy home.

I would be up for doing a story on your cars as well. If you happen to have any ideas and some cool pictures of your cars just give me a shout through email.

Yeah Justin, I think we could work in the wagon for a feature. If you want, you and I could try to work out some sort of time/place for me to photograph it as well. We're not all that far away from each other. I just need to plan it with other things to make the trip financially viable.

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Actually, you know what... I need to get up to Rockleigh at some point anyway as I want to schedule some time to feature some of the cars in Volvo's collection. Maybe we could work something out then on the photography, and between now and then Drew could put something together editorially.
If you want I have a lot of pictures i could e-mail you, or I could take a ton with my digital camera that I could send you if you were unable to make the trip. I have a background in photography and image manipulation and would be happy to take some pics in a much nicer setting. Here's some of my work, Check it out: http://www.rpi.edu/~haislj/photo.html

If you would like to take the pics though you are more than welcome to stop by, just let me know when you want to meet up.
Okay Justin, you look quite talented. Sometimes we want to do photos because we just know what we want, but you've obviously got skills. Just try to make them interesting (i.e. not just in some parking lot or in front of your house). It looks like you've already got a feel for that though. Nice stuff.
When would you want these pics? Is there anything else that you would like to know about the car?
Wow, nice stable of cars. So who gets
stuck with the 9 series (just kidding)
Where is your dash from, how do you like it, does it really cover all the wood and is it noticable?
Ask Kai's cousin, but I think Terrence's old car had a carbon fiber kit in it as well. If I remember correctly, Terrence said he touched up some of the corners with matte black paint. You couldn't tell by looking at it, and it looked pretty good from what I remember.
Someday my driveway will look like that also!
Very nice!
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Originally posted by Lost240:
I have a carbon fiber dash, carbon fiber engine cover, carbon fiber engine cover

Just out of curiosity, how much weight was saved by going to the carbon fibre components?

-he who stacks pork
I'm sure it was a styling decision.... I think there are some that believe it looks better than the faux wood.

Back when we had the 850R, I was looking for an aluminum kit, but all the faux aluminum really looked cheesey.
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I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!

WOW! Love the selection of Volvo's, you lucky...
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