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Hesitation at 3/4 to WOT with code PO299

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Well i have been a volvo tech for 3 years now but for some reason when it comes to my own rides i second guess myself lol. here is the deal i bought a used 2004 S60R with a manual trans last monday and it has 84K miles on it since i got it when i accel up to just half throttle i get no hesitaion but when i go to 3/4 to WOT i get what i would call i hicup once or twice for a second inbetween gear changing. i also had no check engine light but decided to to check codes anyway and i got a PO299 turbo underboost dtc( im at a independant shop now that is the reason for the PO codes insteed of volvo manufature code). i have felt these symptoms before espcialy on the older 03-04 T6 motors and it was the TCV on those. i was owundering if this is the same thing on my car. just let me know and thanks to all ( sorry for the spelling and puncuation lol)
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Re: Hesitation at 3/4 to WOT with code PO299 (97GLTbrick)

I would say if you haven't yet... Do the the cheapest thing first and ensure that the wastegate is properly set. If has never been done on your R that will be the first thing that I would do. Cost nothing except your time and makes a hell of a difference. Depending on the mileage a HD TCV from IPD or a Volvo factory replacement would probably be the second step and they do have a very reliable rate of failure as they age.(check all the lines at the same time and replace if damaged or rotted) If you don't have a boost gauge you will evetually want to get one... It helps alot in diagnosing that you are running right or determining the problem by what the boost is or isn't doing. Another freebie that all it costs is a little time is removing and checking the CBV (compressor bypass valve). Again over time and brutal heat cycles the spring and diaphram will weaken and boost will begin to bleed off. Last if you have done the above mentioned and still are having boost issues, give the boost pressure sensor a check. http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
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