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So i bought an Volvo V70XC 2001 model with some minor fails. One of the things i cant figure out how to fix is to remove the SRS light.
The last owner (only had it for a month or so) told me that the previous owner changed the seats (from a 2006 model??) and after that the SRS light came on. He also told me that it was due a bad contact under the driver seat.

So first i grabbed my OBD2 Reader and got 4 fault codes on the SRS:
0044 - Front right side air bag. Resistance too high
00D1 - Passanger's seat belt buckle. Signal missing
0128 - Control unit. Internal fault

I have unbolted both front seats to see if anything was connected wrong or disconnected but everything seemed okay. I have gotten a "new" airbag head unit (the one with the handbrake) but it has not been programmed and i think i will leave that for now because i dont have so much money.

I really hope anyone can help me with this or give me any suggestions. Thanks.
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