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I have V70 MY2007 and the car doesn't have factory instaled xenon headlamps.

Recently I found 2 original Volvo - Valeo xenon headlights - (not bixenon - xenon only at low beam) for couple hundred bucks and now I am trying to instal them. The problem is that when I turn the xenon lights on, xenon works for about 1 second and then CEM modul shoot it down.

I don't wanna overpass CEM by wireing another electrical cable directly from fuse box, because then the lights stated working every time you put key in position I, and you can't shoot them off, and CEM will keep throwing error on headlamps.

Is possible to update my CEM at Volvo dealer to make it work with original Volvo xenon headlamps?

Does anybody have any solutions how to solve this problem? I am from Europe if that makes any difference.

Thanks for any answers!
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