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Hey, all. I've been searching this for forum (and others) for a couple days trying to make sure I have everything figured out for putting an aftermarket stereo in my 2006 S60R with HU-850, but I'm coming up a bit short. I bought the Metra 70-9221 harness, and the green harness fits fine. The gray one, however, doesn't fit. After calling Metra tech support, the guy suggested buying the 9220 harness (even though the packaging says it's only good through 2004). The gray side of the 9220 was closer to the right shape, but just a bit (~1-2mm) too small to accept the factory wiring harness. I have a few questions if anyone would be able to help out:

- The gray harness looks like it's all speaker wires. I plan on using the DIN-to-RCA converter to plug into the RCAs on the new head unit. Does the Amp DIN send all of the audio signals to the amp? Do I even need the gray harness?

- If I do need the wires in the gray harness, should I just cut plastic harness off then splice all of the leads to the corresponding leads for the new head unit?

Thanks for any help.

On another note:

- Is the violet/white lead going into the HU-850 a reverse signal (manual transmission)? I have a multimeter, but I'm afraid to turn the car on with the radio removed to test it. I don't want to bring in any SRS lights.
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