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Help with Head Unit installation

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Is there any place online that has a tutorial on how to install a head unit for the 850? Also, where is a good place to buy a fascia where the stock head unit was so the new HU will look flush?

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Have you tried a stero shop? Any good shop should have a face plate for the car, or at least be able to get one (they're usually generic sizes). As far as how to get it out, there should be two places on the side of the radio where you can push in, causing two platic pieces to come out. Pulling these pieces will pull the radio.

Sorry, but I don't know anywhere online to find stero stuff, but I'm sure a search of Vivisimo or Yahoo should bring up something.
You may get some ideas from the feature article here on sweedespeed.com's front page. There's a couple of good sources for pieces and parts cited in the article that may have a fascia that you need. One online stereo source would be Crutchfield but there are others.

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Or simply you can wait for the story on mine, it's a 95 850. I will send Drew the interview piece of the document tomorrow morning. I got some great pics lined up already, so just be patient.
OK thank you for all your help, hey NJ850N/A, I live in Kinnelon, do you think Sound City will have it?
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