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for my 95 850 turbo?I just received my HKS Super Sequential BOV in the mail.. I believe that the flange is already welded on. It was from japan, so the instructions are in Japanese. Does anyone know how to install it? Can somone correct me if i'm wrong, or if i'm missing something? Here's what I think i need to do:

1)Weld the Flange to the piping.. (no biggie)

2) Plug in the vacuum tube to the nipples by the throttle body (typically used for boost gauges... can I use those? If not, where should I plug the vacuum hose into?)

And that's it right?

It's actually going to go on the plastic piping from the intercooler ot the throttlebody... i'm going ot cut out a section of the plastic, and replace it w/ alumnium, so that i can weld it on...

Thanx for your help..

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