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help! transmission light.

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my transmission was shifting rough today and then the orange upward-pointing arrow started blinking on my dashboard. i know this is my transmission light, but what can/should i do?!?!
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Re: help! transmission light. (Breakfast07)

Check the fluid and dump the OBD codes.

George Dill
Re: help! transmission light. (gdill2)

fluid's full, nice and red. checked the codes and it was only the usual P0422 cat code. the check engine light is off, and i disconnected the battery for a while to maybe reset the transmission sensors. i had to drive it today out of necessity, and i noticed the engine would not go into the "lockup" mode (im assuming this is similar to overdrive?). im changing the fluid and filter this weekend. if that doesnt help i dont know what i can do.
Re: help! transmission light. (Breakfast07)

i guess it would also be helpful to say that my "e" and "s" lights are flashing on and off too, and that the transmission cannot be put into "w" mode. i read that this could be a problem with the gear position sensor, but that shhould have nothing to do with the car not going into lockup.
Re: help! transmission light. (Breakfast07)

Had the same problem last winter. Its electrical. Check for corrosion, etc around the wires running to the transmission. Also, could be the shifter module itself. Regardless, you could take it in, because this should (luckily) be a cheap fix, but it could be hard to find if its not the gear position sensor or corrosion or something like that.

And by cheap i mean not a new tranny. They found it in the dealer and charged me the standard hundred for diagnosis, and replaced the contacts and some wiring, and when they showed me where it was I was glad i paid it. Hard to see if its not on a lift.
Re: help! transmission light. (Breakfast07)

If the torque converter is failing to lock you will burn the transmission up if you continue to drive the car . The tranny on these cars had inadequate cooling anyway and you will overwhelm the cooling ability if the torque converter is not locking. I would do as you planned, change the fluid and pull the codes...but I believe the problem lies in one of two areas. The most likely culprit is the PNP switch. The switch is not bad to change from underneath the car. It is located on the outside of the tranny and is pretty easy to get to. To align the switch properly, after you get it installed just have a helper turn the key on and put the car in reverse (not started). Then turn the PNP switch until the backup lights just come on (note the position of the PNP then continue turning it until they go off (once again note the position of the PNP) and turn the switch back half of the distance (the backuplights should be on). If you buy the switch, get the genuine Volvo switch (FCPGroton carries them). The transmission mode switch (the one near the shifter with S, E and W on it) could be bad, but that is much less likely.
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Re: help! transmission light. (nlemerise)

alright well here's some bad news. i changed the PNP with a genuine volvo replacement, and upon entering the car the transmission light was still flashing, along with the "E" and "S" lights on the mode selector switch (after i dumped the codes). i drove the car, no overdrive. grrrr. any more suggestions?

Modified by Breakfast07 at 10:16 AM 5-2-2009
Hello, I have a similar problem to yours, but I haven't tried anything yet. However, the 1st thing I'll try is to disconnect the cables connecting to the transmission to clean the terminals (there are three plugs going into the housing of the transmission from the driver's side). I hear they sometimes get corroted or dirty and so they need to be cleaned.
However, my problem goes a little further though, after the car warms up just a little (like 15 seconds after I started), is when I have the transmission problem and the lights start flashing. In addition, the transmission wont go into gear at all, meaning the car wont move in any direction (reverse or forward). The motor runs fine with no engine light coming on at all, but the transmission wont work.
What could be the problem? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Re: (gdill2)

well, i replaced the PNP switch, calibrated it, and the problem still exists. i finally had to do something i have never had to do before- to go the mechanic. his scanner would not read the codes, so he sent it in for reprogramming... 5 weeks ago. i hope to hear something soon. good thing i bought a spare truck..
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