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My laptop keyboard stopped working I can't access the EWD. Can someone tell me what this goes to on the 07 s60R m66 it showing 13 volts and my active chassis is getting no power to the SUM. Also breaks worked fine replaced radiator condenser and inner cooler all of a sudythis stupid snow symbol that doesn't resist on the 04 popped on now it's in some kinda snow mode so I have to step extremly hard on the breaks. First is of plug second of stupid snow thingy
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this is drivers side next to air intake under weird plastic cover View attachment 134770
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I'm hoping this is my issue I ran atoner and it tracks threw the suspension and only pics up under rear wheel wells
Here's my breaking issue light, don't know where this sensor is or how to get this to quit…
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I also can't use vida cuz no keyboard even though it's a touch screen the touch won't work in a vm go figure
This is the connector for the Auxiliary Light harness, so you can run external lights that come one with the high beams, ignore it and continue on. Pretty neat that Volvo implemented it into the cars from factory, I made use of it.

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