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Well maintained 01 S40 with just intake and MBC @12PSI in otherwise good health.

Recent fuel filter

My car will hesitate and misfire on different cylinders at hardish and full throttle with the dreaded flashing CEL. Sometimes it just flashes and has a pending code, then if not cleared after a few WOTs it will go steady and have a real code. I have tried swapping coils and wires, even using a brand new coil. I have replaced all the plugs too. Then I thought it was following the injector when I swapped those around, so I got another complete injector/rail/FPR setup from another boneyard. It seemed to help a little but its still there. Could it be the fuel pressure regulator? I don't have a gas odor or hard starts like I did when the FPR was bad when I first got the car. It would explain starving injectors right? Or could my pump be bad? So frustrating!

I'm aware of the damage misfires can cause, so I really hate having to force them to test possible solutions.

Otherwise the car runs great and at most throttle positions theres no issue. I don't get it! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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