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So recently my XC90 has been throwing a 2 p455 codes. It follows a pattern after I reset the light. First thing in the morning no code when started the next time I start the car if it is only shortly(15-30 minutes) after the 1st time I get a filler cap loose open warning in my message center. After several seconds of it being on it disappears. The absolute next time I start the car I get the same filler cap message and the check engine light comes on giving me 2 p455 codes. It repeats this pattern if I clear the codes.

Things we have tried:
1. Replaced fuel cap with a genuine volvo fuel cap
2. Replaced the purge valve.

We gave the car a quick once over and didnt find any overt tears, rips, etc. I assume the next thing to try would be a better looking over of the hoses and such followed by a smoke test if we cant anything with a thorough inspection?

Any help would be appreciated as I only have about a month and a half until my inspection is up.
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