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Hi everyone I have a question for anyone who could possibly grant me some insight in side the devil beast of a car I've owned almost half my life.
One day car says "reduce engine performance" i pulled over car sounded rough and wouldn't let me accelerate and then died. Tried to restart car. Cranks but will not start. The rdduce engine performance light only showed up once. I opened up coolant reservoir and looks as if oil is in the coolant and it was a little thick.... ok so it cranks wont start. Hooked up a scanner and ill post pictures of what it said but I cannot pull up any definite codes to help identify the problem. Took it to mechanic and they said blown head gasket 3900 dollars to fix for sure. Wtf? Ok so blown head gasket the only thing I had was oil in coolant.....mind you I had no symptoms of any issue until random reduce engine performance and then it died.. before that day I had no white smoke from tail pipe, no coolant in the oil, no fouled spark plugs no coolant coming from exhaust manifold NO OVER HEATING!!. CAN ANYONE help me out. So here's a quick summary of events that happened, driving, reduce engine performance, pulled over car dies, cranks but wont start, oil in coolant no codes??? Hope this is easy to understand. Now the pictures I've attached came from 2 separate scanners and one says 8 stcs but when I try to pull them up I get no docs.??? Odd please help
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