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Help me make sense of this wheel alignment report!

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I just went in for an alignment after getting new tires (Continental Cross Contact) on my XC90. The old tires, Nokians, were cupped and scalloped pretty badly after only 19,000 miles on them. The tire shop that installed the tires suggested my XC90 might benefit from an alignment check; they didn't offer that service so I took it to another shop.

The report they printed out after doing the work appears to show the rear left wheel's camber being out of spec. They adjusted it and the new result is even further out of spec. Can this be fixed? Do I need to go back to the shop and demand they bring that camber into spec? Why would they give me back my car after not actually correcting the problem? My car now seems to track slightly to the right, which it didn't do before.

2018 XC90 with air suspension and 37,000 miles on it.
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There isn't an adjustment for camber
IF it shows the correct range for camber and mine is outside of that range, what then? Just have a car that is not fixable?
Something is bent. Usually have to guess to figure it out though, unfortunately.
Weird. They said everything looked good in the inspection. I'll ask the dealership to check it when I bring it in for my 6 year service next month.
It seems reasonably close, and if it is off too much, something is typically bent (lower link?), and would need to be replaced (or bent back some)
I'd really like for it to match (or be close) to the caster on the other rear wheel. Since I have directional tires, and the rotation will be rear to front, I would really like the tires to wear similar on both sides. I really hope I don't get cupping/scalloping on the left rear tire again.
Negative 1.9 degrees of camber seems like a lot to me.

I guess if it were me, I'd say what my dentist always says: "Well, I'll let you go for now, but we need to keep a close eye on that molar".

In other words, I'd be inclined to let it go as-is but would watch like a hawk for scalloping/cupping to appear on the inner shoulder of the LR tire. I hate scalloping. My V60 was prone to it. I hate the noise it creates. Once it starts, it's almost impossible to reverse even by rotating.

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I had to buy all new tires after just 19,000 miles because the rear was so scalloped it was unsafe (in addition to being extremely loud and all kinds of vibration occurring). I rotated the tires and drove about 800 miles, hoping for it to even out, but it didn't get any better and I threw in the towel and paid $1,200 for new tires.
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