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Hello from Denver!

I've been lurking on swedespeed for a while picking up tips while trying to decide what car to buy. I finally decided on a new 2018 XC60 T8 Inscription!! I'm new to Volvo and to plug-in hybrids. So far I love the plug-in, but... I'm beginning to hate Volvo. :( I've been in the car less than a week and the %&^$ thing is so )(&^& non-intuitive on every front. It takes scads of owner's manual and Google searches for me to get even the most basic things working. I'm probably just suffering from a common medical malady: OLD.

Anyway - I'll be asking a series of questions - and I hope that you can help me love the XC60 as much as I did on the test drive! This seems like a great community and a trove of Volvo knowledge - I've already answered many of my questions by searching here.

Thanks in advance!
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