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Help me brighten up my cluster lights (pics within)

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So, I've just been contortioning myself in the interior of my car to get at a few bulbs and things. I'm looking to brighten up my guage cluster lighting a bit (not being able to see my temp guage at night has caused me problems twice now) I plan to go about this by installing new (and brighter) bulbs in the cluster, and by bypassing my rheostat dimmer switch. Now, the questions and pics:

First, the rheostat. I've heard that there are 2 ways of bypassing this. You can either cut all the terminals off the wires and twist-nut them together, or, if you have a car with an extra prong on the back of the rheostat, you simply move a wire off of it's normal place and to that extra prong. As we can see in this picture, I have an extra prong:

Am I moving the red/white and gray wires, or the brown ones?

And now, the back of the cluster:

The upper hole I have marked is where the bulb I have came out. I noticed that theres another identical hole at the bottom of the cluster. Is there supposed to be a second bulb here, or was this meant for somethign else? The bulb I have fit perfectly in it, anyway. I couldn't find any other sockets on the cluster..are those the only 2?

And yes, I did just about kill my (large) self trying to get those pics
help is appreciated!
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Re: Help me brighten up my cluster lights (AndytheNissanBoy)

what year is your car

there are only two bulbs in the cluster.

take the cluster out. it's easy and so much easier to work with.
Re: Help me brighten up my cluster lights (AndytheNissanBoy)

read my posts in this thread. it'll tell you how to take out the cluster and how the later halogen bulbs are brighter then the early incandescents.

yes there are two bulbs, they are on the back of the cluster near the top, one on each side. Just sounds like one of yours needs replacing.

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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