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So I'm kind of worried. Ever since I picked up the car it's been vibrating badly. I thought it was wheel balancing, but after doing that it's less, but now very distinct. I know it's not the wheels, so it has to be suspension related.

The vibration comes when accelerating hard from start, or whenever I push the gas pedal at highway speeds. When you let off the pedal, the car stops vibrating. The vibrations come up especially through the steering wheel and it pulls slightly to the left.

Also, when I turn left at full lock there's a groaning creak from the right front of the car. This happens rolling, or stopped.

Oh yeah, I also noticed a "clunking" feeling in the front suspension today when I entered into a parking lot that had a bit of a lip (like a driveway).

I'm wondering if my control arm links are bad, or if an engine mount failed, or both. Or if it's something worse? Could I be in for something pretty costly?
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